Dancer in the Moonlight


(Folk song from Trinidad and Tobago, adapted by Beth Thompson)

Dancer* in the moonlight
Dancer in the dew,
Dancer never come back
Until the clock strikes two.

Walk in dancer walk in,
Walk right in I say
Walk into my parlor
To hear my banjo play

I don’t hate nobody
And nobody hates me
All I want is _____________
To come and dance with me

Tra la la la la la
Tra la la la la
Tra la la la la la
Tra la la la la la

*Original title: Gypsy in the Moonlight

Circle Game

Formation – Students stand in a circle.

Verse 1 – Students hold hands and circle right. One student (“It”) walks around the outside of the circle.

Verse 2 – “It” comes into the circle and dances or does another motion.

Verse 3 – “It” chooses a student from the circle to come into the middle. “It” either sings the whole verse or just the name of the student.

Verse 4 – “It” and the second student dance in the middle of the circle.

At the end, “It” joins the circle, and the second student becomes “It.”

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