Old Bald Eagle


1. Old bald eagle sail around, daylight is gone.
Old bald eagle sail around, daylight is gone.

2. Two bald eagles…

3. Three bald eagles…

4. Four bald eagles…


Formation: Students stand in a circle. One student (“It”) stands in the middle.

Verse 1: Students sing while walking around in a circle. “It” skips in place.
Verse 2: “It” chooses someone from the circle and skips with that person (“It #2”) (holding hands) inside the circle.
Verse 3: It #2 chooses a partner (“It #3”), and 3 people skip around inside.
Verse 4: It #3 chooses a partner, and 4 people skip around inside.

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Extras for Plus Members

  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen

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