Allô, allô, monsieur


This is a ball-bouncing chant.

Lyrics - French

(Traditional Canadian chant)

Allô, allô, monsieur,
Sortez-vous ce soir, monsieur?
Non, non, monsieur.
Pourquoi donc, monsieur?
Parce que j’ai le rhume monsieur.
Toussez donc pour voir, monsieur.
Atchoum! Atchoum!
Atchoum! Atchoum!

English Translation – Hello, hello, sir

Hello, hello, sir,
Are you going out tonight, sir?
No, no, sir.
Why then, sir?
Because I have a cold, sir.
So cough to see, sir.
Achoo! Achoo!
Achoo! Achoo!

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