Amol iz geven a mayse


Amol iz geven a mayse,
Di mayse iz gornit freylekh,
Di mayse heybt zikh onet
Mit a yidishn meylekh.

Lyulinke mayn feygele,
Lyulinke mayn kind,
Kh’hob ongevoyrn aza libe,
Vey iz mir un vind.

Der meylekh hot gehat a malke
Di malke hot gehat a vayngortn
Im vayngorten hot gehat a boym
Wey iz mir un vint. Refrain

Der boym hot gehat a tsvayg
Der tsvayg hot gehat a nestele
In nestele iz gevén a feygele
Wey iz mir un vint. Refrain

Der meylekh iz opgestorben
Di malke is gevorn fardorben
Der tsvayg iz opgebrochen
Di fegele vun nest antlofen. Refrain

Vu nemt men aza chochem
Er zol kennen de shtern zeylen
Vu nemt men aza dokter
Er zol kennen mayn horts heylen? Refrain

Translation – Once upon a time there was a story

Once upon a time there was a story,
The story is not happy,
The story began
With a Jewish king.

Hush, my little bird,
Hush, my child,
I have lost such a love,
Oh, woe is me.

The king had a queen
The queen had a vineyard
In the vineyard was a tree
I am sad and sore hurt. Refrain

On the tree was a branch
On the branch was a little nest
In the nest was a little bird
I am sad and sore hurt. Refrain

The king died
The queen pined away
The branch broke
The bird flew from the nest. Refrain

Where can we find a learned man
Who can count the stars?
Where can we find a doctor
Who can heal my heart? Refrain

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