Oh We Can Play on the Big Bass Drum


(Folk song)

Oh we can play on the big bass drum,
And this is the music to it
Boom boom boom goes the big bass drum,
And that is how we do it.

[Classroom instruments]
Ting ting ting goes the triangle
Chink chink chink goes the tambourine
Ticka, ticka, tock go the castanets
Jingle jingle jingle go the jingle bells

[Other instruments]
Fiddle diddle dee goes the violin
Zoom zoom zoom goes the double bass
Doo doo doo goes the clarinet
Tootle tootle toot goes the silver flute
Bah bah bah goes the loud trumpet
Oom pa pa goes the big tuba
Wa wa wa goes the long trombone
Ching ching ching goes the xylophone
Dong dong dong goes the piano
Strum strum strum goes the new guitar
Twang twang twang goes the old banjo

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