Nova radost stala

Lyrics – Transliteration

Nova radost’ stala, yaka ne buvala,
Nad vertepom zvizda yasna svitom zasiyala. (repeat)

De Chrystos rodyvsya, z Divy voplotyvsya,
Yak cholovik pelenamy uboho povyvsya. (repeat)

Anhely spivayut’, “slava” vosklycayut’,
Na nebesy i na zemly myr provozhlashayut’. (repeat)

Translation – A new joy has been revealed

A new joy has been revealed,
That never has been before,
Above the manger there’s a bright star
Shining through out the whole world. (repeat)

Where Christ has been born,
From the Virgin incarnate,
As a man swaddled in diapers
He is born a poor man. (repeat)

The shepherds with their lambs
Before that holy child
Falling down upon their knees,
The King and God they praise Him. (repeat)


Нова радість стала,
Яка не бувала,
Над вертепом звізда ясна
У весь світ засіяла. (repeat)

Де Христос родився,
З Діви воплотився,
Як чоловік пеленами
Убого повився. (repeat)

Пастушки з ягнятком
Перед тим дитятком
На колінця припадають,
Царя-Бога вихваляють. (repeat)

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