Alla baja Jesucristo

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Peru)

Allá baja Jesucristo, con sus rayos de cristal (repeat)
Alumbrando el universo, el universo, con sus rayos de cristal (repeat)

Alegría, alegría, por el día de Navidad,
Alegría, alegría.

De aquel tronco nace la rama, de la rama nace la flor (repeat)
De la flor nace María y de María, el Redentor (repeat) Refrain

English Translation – Down there Jesus Christ

Down there Jesus Christ, with his crystal rays (repeat)
Lighting the universe, the universe, with his crystal rays (repeat)

Joy, joy, for Christmas day,
Joy, joy

From that trunk the branch is born, from the branch the flower is born (repeat)
From the flower is born Mary and Mary, the Redeemer (repeat) Refrain

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