Brown-Eyed Mary


(Folk song)

If perchance we should meet
On this wild prairie,
In my arms will I embrace
My darling brown-eyed Mary.

Turn your partner half way ’round
Turn your opposite lady,
Turn your partner all the way way ’round,
And prom’nade right hand lady.

Dance / Play Party

Formation – Double circle of partners, Person A inside and Person B outside, facing counterclockwise.

Verse 1 – Partners promenade in the circle counterclockwise.

Verse 2

  • Phrase 1 – Partners join right hands and turn half way around so that Person A is facing counterclockwise.
  • Phrase 2 – Person A joins left hands with Person B who was in the couple behind them and does right (or left) arm swing.
  • Phrase 3 – Person A joins hands with original partner and does right (or left) arm swing.
  • Phrase 4 – Person A takes Person B from behind as a new partner and prepares to promenade as song begins again.


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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