Tanabata, “Star Festival” occurs every year on July 7. Children write their wishes on strips of paper. The paper strips are hung on the branches of bamboo trees.

Lyrics - Rōmaji

(Japanese folk song)

Sasa no ha sara-sara
Nokiba ni yureru
Ohoshi-sama kira-kira
Kingin sunago

Goshiki no tanzaku
Watashi ga kaita
Ohoshi-sama kirakira
Sora kara miteru

English Translation - Star Festival

The bamboo leaves rustle,
Shaking away in the leaves.
The stars twinkle
On the gold and silver grains of sand.

The five-color paper strips
I have already written.
The stars twinkle,
And there they will watch us. (source)

Japanese – たなばたさま

ささのは さらさら
のきばに ゆれる
お星さま きらきら
きんぎん すなご

ごしきの たんざく
わたしが かいた
お星さま きらきら
空から 見てる

Recorder Notes D, E, G, A, B, D'

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