Noriu Miego means “I desire sleep.”


(Lithuanian folk song)

O, I want to go to sleep
And of my love be dreaming,
I shall feel that she is near,
And yet it’s only seeming (repeat last 2 lines)

I shall send a messenger
To see what she is making.
From the garden green the rue,
The shining rue she’s taking (repeat last 2 lines)

While she twines the wreath of rue
I hear her softly singing,
“Who shall have this wreath of rue,
Its tender message bringing?” (repeat last 2 lines)


Formation – All players join hands in a circle.


  • Measure 1 – Hop on R foot, put L ankle on floor on downbeat
  • Measure 2 – Hop on L foot, put R ankle on floor on downbeat
  • Measures 3-4 – Repeat hopping, double time (once per beat): R, L, R, L


  • Measure 5 – Clap twice (once per beat)
  • Measure 6 – Stomp 3 times (Optional: begin right / left hand star instead of stomping.)
  • Measures 7-8 – Right hand star, walk to the left (Optional: circle left)
  • Repeat Measure 5
  • Repeat Measure 6
  • Repeat Measures 7-8 – Left hand star, walk to the right (Optional: circle right)

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  • MIDI file
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