Ducks and Geese / Gyertek haza ludaim

Singable English Lyrics

(Hungarian folk song)

Call: Come home all my ducks and geese!
Response: No we won’t.
Call: Why not?
Response: ‘Cause not.
Call: What’s wrong?
Response: It’s the wolf.
Call: Where’s he hiding?
Response: In the woods.
Call: Doing what?
Response: Washing.
Call: Where’s he washing?
Response: By the little river
Call: What’s he dry his hands on?
Response: On a little cat’s tail!

Gyertek haza ludaim - Hungarian

(Hungarian folk song)

Call: Gyertek haza, ludaim!
Response: Nem megyünk
Call: Miért?
Response: Félünk
Call: Mitől?
Response: Farkastól
Call: Hol a farkas?
Response: Bokorban
Call: Mit csinál?
Response: Mosdik
Call: Mibe mosdik?
Response: Aranymedencébe´
Call: Mibe törölközik?
Response: Kiscica farkába.

English Translation - Come home geese

Call: Come home, geese!
Response: We do not go.
Call: Why?
Response: We are afraid.
Call: Of what?
Response: A wolf.
Call: Where is the wolf?
Response: In the bush.
Call: What is he doing?
Response: He washes.
Call: What does he wash in?
Response: Into a golden pool
Call: What are you toweling off?
Response: Into a kitten’s tail

Hungarian Version - Gyertek haza ludaim


Formation: One student is the Wolf, who hides. Another student is the Farmer. The rest of the students stand in a group facing the Farmer.

The Farmer sings the “Call,” and the rest of the students sing the “Response.” On the word “tail,” the students run toward the Farmer (you could designate an area near the Farmer as the “safe zone). The Wolf comes out of hiding and tries to tag a student.

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