Lyrics - Albanian

(Albanian folk song)

As më jep nj’er ujë moj balluk’ e prërë (repeat)
Me se të të japë trendafil me ere? (repeat)

Jarnana, Jarnane,
Jarnana moj të keqëne (repeat)

O me dorënde tënde moj balluk’ e prërë (repeat)
Dora m’u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? (repeat) Refrain

Me se t’u ndodh zënë moj balluk’ e prërë? (repeat)
Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere (repeat) Refrain

English Translation

Give me water with your hands, oh girl with cut bangs
With what do I give you, scented rose?

La la la, I love you
(… may I take all your misfortunes upon me!)

With your own hands, oh girl with cut bangs
My hand happens to be busy, scented rose.  Refrain

What’s making your hand busy, oh girl with cut bangs
The ring you gave me, scented rose.  Refrain


Recorder Notes E, G, A, B

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