Sansa kroma
Ne na woo aw
Che che kokoma


sah-sah kroh-mah nee nay woo aw-chay chay koh-koh mah (The “n” in “sansa” is not pronounced.)


Sansa, the hawk
You are an orphan
And so you snatch up baby chicks

Rock Passing Game

Students sit in a circle and pass a rock.

Version 1 – Beat 1 of each measure, students pick up the rock. Beat 3 of each measure, students pass the rock in front of the person to their right.

Rhythm Visuals


The following content is available below to Plus Members:

  • PDF includes:
    • Song with chords
    • 2nd version of song with half notes
    • Circle movement
    • Stone passing game – 2 versions
    • Lesson ideas for:
      • Form
        • Call & Response
        • AB | ABA
      • Rhythm
        • quarter notes & rests
        • half notes
    • Printable Rhythm Visuals
  • MIDI file
  • MP3
  • Digital Rhythm Visuals