Oh Come Little Children


(Melody by Johann A.P. Schulz, 1747-1800, Lyrics by Christoph von Schmid, 1794)

O come, little children, O come, one and all,
O come to the manger in Bethlehem’s stall
And see what the Father in heaven so true
Has done to prepare a bright Christmas for you.

Behold, in the manger, that strange little bed,
A Child, sweet and gentle, is resting His head,
A Babe, clad in garments so pure and so white,
And fairer by far than the angels of light.

On hay and on straw in the manger He lies;
Both Mary and Joseph, with fond, loving eyes,
Are gazing upon Him, and shepherds draw near,
And jubilant angels from heaven appear.

O kneel with the shepherds in worshipful prayer
And join the dear angels who also are there;
Sing glory to God in the heavens above
And thank Him for Jesus, the gift of His love.

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