En lille nisse rejste

Lyrics - Danish

(Folk song from Denmark)

En lille nisse rejste
med ekstrapost fra land til land,
hans agt det var at hilse
på verdens største mand.

Han kom til stormogulen
og der, hvor kæmpekålen gror,
men mellem alle kæmper
ham tyktes ingen stor.

Da gik han ned til havet
og stirred i det klare vand,
han smilte, thi nu havde
han set den største mand.

English Translation - A little elf traveled

A little elf traveled
with extra item from country to country,
His intention was to greet
the world’s largest man.

He came to the stormy tale
and where the giant cabbage grows,
but between all fighters
They did not seem great.

Then he went down to the sea
and stared in the clear water,
he smiled, for now he had
seen the greatest man.

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