Zúmbale al pandero

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Spain)

Zumba, zúmbale al pandero*,
al pandero y al rabel*.
Toca, toca la zambomba*.
Dale, dale al almirez*.

1. Esta noche nace un niño
blanco, rubio y colorado.
Y ha de ser el pastorcito,
para cuidar el ganado. Refrain

2. La Virgen se fue a lavar
los pañuelos a la fuente
Y le dijo a San José,
“Cuida el niño no despierte.” Refrain

3. Mas el niño ha despertado
y ha comenzado a llorar.
¡Válgame Dios y su madre!
¡Cuándo se querrá callar! Refrain

4. La Virgen es panadera
y San José carpintero
Y el niño recoge astillas
para cocer el puchero. Refrain

English Translation - Beat, beat on the tambourine*

Beat, beat on the tambourine*,
On the tambourine* and the rabel*.
Play, play the zambomba*.
Beat, beat on the almirez*.

1. Tonight, a baby will be born,
White, blonde and red.
He will be the little shepherd
Who will take care of the flock. Refrain

2. The Virgin went to wash
The swaddling cloths in the fountain,
And she said to Saint Joseph,
“Make sure the baby doesn’t wake up.” Refrain

But the baby has woken up
And he has started to cry.
Help me, God and his mother!
When will he want to get quiet! Refrain

The Virgin is a baker
And Saint Joseph a carpenter
And the baby picks up wood chips
To cook the stew. Refrain

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