Hop Marjanneke

Lyrics - Dutch

(Folk song from The Netherlands)

Hop, Marjanneke, stroop in ‘t kanneke
laat de poppetjes dansen
gisteren was er de prins in ‘t land
en nu die kale Fransen.

Hop, Marjanneke, stroop in het kanneke
Hop, Marjanneke Janssen
Hij wiegt het kind en hij roert de pap
En laat zijn hondje dansen.

English Translation - Hop Marjanneke

Hop, Marjanneke, syrup in the jug
Let the puppets dance
Yesterday there was the prince in the country
And now those bald French.

Hop, Marjanneke, syrup in the jug
Hop, Marjanneke Janssen
He rocks the child and he stirs the porridge
And let his dog dance.

English Version


Up and down again, On the counterpane,
High and dry and steady, Baby rides on
Mummy’s knee until her breakfast’s ready.

Then she has her pap, on her Daddy’s lap,
Warm and snug and cozy,
If she’s good and she takes her food,
She’ll grow up fat and rosy.

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