(Folk song)

Grandma Moses sick in bed
Called the doctor and the doctor said,
“Grandma Moses, you’re not sick!
All you need is a peppermint stick!”
Get up, shake shake, shake shake,
Get down, shake shake, shake shake,
Turn around, shake shake, shake shake,
Touch the ground, shake shake, shake shake.


(Stand up)

  • “sick in bed” = hands under head as if sleeping
  • “called the doctor” = phone against ear
  • “Grandma… you’re not sick” = point finger as if scolding
  • “peppermint stick” = pointer finger held up like a stick
  • “Get up” = hands up in the air
  • “shake” = Shake hands* as if you were shaking water off (on the steady beat)
  • “Get down” = hands down
  • Turn around
  • Touch ground

*You could also use a shaker instrument.

Recorder Notes E, G, A, B

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