Five Little Fishes


(Traditional chant)

Five little fishes swimming in a pool
First one said, “This pool is cool”
Second one said, “The pool is deep”
Third one said, “I want to sleep”
Fourth one said, “Let’s dive and dip”
Fifth one said, “I spy a ship”
Fisherman boat comes
Line goes ker-splash
Away the five little fishes dash


  • five fishes = wiggle five fingers
  • first one = wrap arms around body
  • second one = voice deep
  • third one = rest head on hands
  • fourth one = hand dives and dips
  • fifth one = peer out under hand
  • boat = fingers form V and move away from body
  • line = pretend to throwing fishing line
  • dash = wiggle five fingers away
  • Downloadable chant (PDF)
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