Three Little Pigs


1. A jolly old sow [pig] once lived in a sty,
And three little piggies had she,
And she waddled about saying “Umph, umph, umph,”
While the little ones said “wee, wee.” (repeat last 2 lines)

2. “My dear little brothers,” said one of the brats [pigs],
“My dear little piggies,” said he;
“Let us all for the future say ‘Umph, umph, umph,’
’Tis so childish to say ‘wee, wee.” (repeat last 2 lines)

3. The three little pigs grew skinny and lean,
And lean they might very well be;
For somehow they couldn’t say “Umph, umph, umph,”
And they wouldn’t say “wee, wee.” (repeat last 2 lines)

4. A moral there is to this little song,
A moral that’s easy to see;
Don’t try when you’re young to say “Umph, umph, umph,”
For you only can say “Wee! wee!”

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