1. Poor dog Bright
Ran off with all his might
Because the cat was after him,
Poor dog Bright!

2. Poor cat Fright
Ran off with all her might
Because the dog was after her,
Poor cat Fright!

Alternate version



Students in a circle holding hands: Student who is “Dog Bright” stands outside of the circle. Student who is “Cat Fright” stands inside the circle.

Verse 1: Students sing while “Dog Bright” walks / dances around outside of the circle.

Verse 2: Students lift their arms and sing. “Dog Bright” runs into the middle of the circle to try to catch “Cat Fright,” and “Cat Fright” runs away. Whether or not “Dog” catches “Cat,” continue to the next verse.

Verse 3: Students continue with arms lifted and sing. “Cat” turns around and tries to catch “Dog.”

Whether or not “Cat” catches “Dog,” when the verse ends, two new students are chosen to play “Dog” and “Cat.”


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