My Aunt Jane



My Aunt Jane, she took me in,
She gave me tea out of her wee tin.
Half a bap with sugar on the top,
Three black lumps out of her wee shop.

My Aunt Jane, she’s awful smart,
She bakes wee rings in an apple tart.
And when Halloween comes round,
For next that tart I’m always found.

My Aunt Jane has a bell on the door,
A white stone step and a clean swept floor.
Candy apples, hard green pears,
Conversation lozenges.

My Aunt Jane, she can dance a jig,
Sing a song ‘round a sweetie pig.
Wee red eyes and a cord for a tail,
Hanging in a bunch from a crooked nail.

My Aunt Jane she never cross,
She paid five shillings for an old wooden horse.
She jumped on its back, the bones let a crack,
You’ll play the fiddle till I get back.

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4 thoughts on “My Aunt Jane”

  1. My grandmother sang this to us but only the first verse. And she also said half a penny Bap. She grew up in Ireland.

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