Twenty Froggies


(Folk tune, Lyrics by George Cooper, 1820-1876)

1. Twenty froggies went to school,
Down beside the rushy pool;
Twenty little coats of green,
Twenty vests all white and clean.

2. “We must be on time,” said they.
“First we study, then we play;
That is how we keep the rule.
When we froggies go to school.”

3. Master froggy brave and stern,
Called the classes in their turn;
Teaches them to leap and dive,
Also how to nobly strive.

4. From his seat upon the log,
Told them how to say “ker-chog!”
Also how to dodge a blow
From the sticks that bad boys throw.

5. Twenty froggies grow up fast.
Big frogs they became at last;
Not one dunce among the lot,
Not one lesson they forgot.

6. Polished in high degree,
As each froggy ought to be,
Now they sit on other logs,
Teaching other little frogs.

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3 thoughts on “Twenty Froggies”

  1. My mother used to sing this to me when I was a little girl, over sixty years ago. Words were slightly different.

  2. My grandmother sang it to me 80 years ago, when I was little! The tune is different, but the lyrics are exactly the same!

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