Al corro de la patata


This is the Spanish version of Ring Around the Rosie.

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Spain)

Al corro de la patata
Comeremos ensalada,
Lo que comen los señores,
Naranjitas y limones.
¡Achupé, achupé,
Sentadito me quedé!

English Translation - At the potato circle dance

At the potato circle dance (literally “run”)
We will eat salad;
That’s what gentlemen eat:
Little oranges and lemons.
Sitting down I stayed.

*This is not a “real” Spanish word – it could be an old Spanish word not used anymore – or it could be a version of the word “chupar,” which means “to suck” – like you would suck on a lemon or orange.


Join hands in a circle and walk around until “¡Achupé!” On those words, sit down on the floor.
When repeating, vary the different ways to go around in the circle. Jump, skip, march, jump, hop. You can also face the outside of the circle while still holding hands.

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