I Ali-i No ‘Oe

Lyrics - Hawaiian

(Hawaiian folk song)

1. I ali ‘i nô ‘oe i kanaka a u lâ
Malalo aku au a’o ko leo lâ

2. I noho aku au a`i kuke nâu lâ
I kuene ho`i nâ ko nui kino lâ

3. He keu `oe a ke aloha `ole lâ
I nêia mau maka `imo aku nei lâ

4. Kô `ike mai nô a he palupalu lâ
A he `iwi ha`i wale ko ka `amakihi lâ

5. `O ka pou kaena iho kêia lâ
E `ui`ui nei ke kaula `ili lâ

6. Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana lâ
I ali`i nô `oe i kanaka au lâ

English Translation - You are a chief

1. You are a chief, I am a commoner
Below you, I am obedient to your command

2. While you sit, I cook for you and
Wait on your big body

3. You are insincere, I’ve lost my love for you
Those eyes wink at someone else

4. I know your tenderness for another bird
This bird will break the bonds that bind

5. This is the mast that boasts of itself
The rope that squeaks

6. The story is told
You are a chief, I am a commoner (source)

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