The Rattle Sna-wa-wake


(American folk song)

1. A nice young ma-wa-wan
Lived on the hi-wi-will;
A nice young ma-wa-wan,
For I knew him we-we-well.

To my rattle, to my roo-rah-ree.

2. He scarce had mow-wo-wowed
Half round the fie-we-wield;
‘Til a rattle sna-wa-wake
Bit him on the hee-we-weel. Refrain

3. “O Pappy Da-wa-wad,
Go tell my ga-wa-wal
That I’m goin’ to di-wi-wie,
For I know I sha-wa-wall. Refrain

4. “Oh John, O Joh-wa-wahn,
Why did you go-wo-wo
Way down in the mea-we-dow
So far to mo-wo-wo?” Refrain

5. “O Sal, O Sa-wa-wal,
Why don’t you kno-wo-wow
When the grass gets ri-wi-wipe
It must be mow-wo-wowed?” Refrain

6. Come all young gir-wi-wirls
And shed a tea-we-wear
For this young ma-wa-wan
That died right he-we-were. Refrain

7. Come all young me-we-wen
And warning ta-wa-wake,
And don’t get bi-wi-wit
By a rattle sna-wa-wake. Refrain

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