(Folk song)

Make my living sandy land, (repeat twice)
Ladies fare you well.

Raise sweet potatoes in sandy land (repeat twice)
Ladies fare you well.

Dig sweet potatoes in sandy land (repeat twice)
Ladies fare you well.

Circle Dance

Formation: Partners stand next to each other, all in one circle.

Verse 1: All move 4 walking steps toward center of circle, raising hands gradually to shoulder height. Move 4 steps backward into place, lowering hands to original position. Repeat.

Verse 2: Turn to partner, R arm swing, L arm swing, R arm swing, get ready.

Verse 3: Promenade with partner around circle.

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2 thoughts on “Sandy Land”

  1. Hi, it’s not necessary for you to reply. I grew up in Takoma Park, MD. When I was in elementary school, the music teacher came once a week with her auto-harp. She taught us “Make me a livin’ in Sandy Land”. For some reason, that song has always stuck with me. When we were children, we were taught that Sandy Land was the southern eastern shore of Maryland.

  2. Learned “Sandy Land” many long years at Girl Scouts; we sang “One more river I’m bound to cross…” as we did a grand right and left. We didn’t plant or dig sweet potatoes, but I can’t remember what we DID sing!

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