(American folk song)

1. It rained a mist, it rained a mist,
It rained all over the town, town, town,
It rained all over the town.

2. And all the kids went out to play
A-tossing their ball around, round, round,
A-tossing their ball around.

3. At first they tossed their ball too low,
And then they tossed it too high, high, high,
And then they tossed it too high.

4. They tossed it into a lady’s garden
Where roses and lilies lie, lie, lie,
Where roses and lilies lie.


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  • Song with chords in 2 keys, Simlified Version, Lesson ideas for Rhythm (Steady Beat, Meter in 3), Melody (High/Low, Do, mi, so & la), Harmony (Recorder Countermelody: Notes E,G,A,C’), Orff Arrangement
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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1 thought on “It Rained a Mist”

  1. My mother used to sing this to me as a small child. Now I am 86. Thanks for making this available after ma years years.

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