(African American Spiritual)

Children, go where I send thee,
How shall I send thee?

(1) I’m gonna send thee one by one, One for the itty bitty Baby, was born, born born in Bethlehem.

(2) I’m gonna send thee two by two, Two for Paul and Silas (one for the little bitty Baby….)

(3) …three by three, Three for the Hebrew children (two for Paul and Silas, one for the little bitty Baby…)

(4) …four by four, Four for the four who stood at the door (three… two… one)

(5) …five by five, Five for the Gospel preachers (four, three, two, one)

(6) …six by six, Six for the six that never got fixed….

(7) …seven by seven, Seven for the seven that came down from heaven…

(8) …eight by eight, Eight for the eight that stood at the gate…

(9) …nine by nine, Nine for the nine that dressed so fine…

(10) …ten by ten, Ten for the Ten Commandments…

(11) …eleven by eleven, Eleven for the ‘leven who went to heaven…

(12) …twelve by twelve, Twelve for the Twelve Disciples…

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