Cielito lindo


It is roughly translated as “Lovely Sweet One”. Although the word “cielo” means sky or heaven, it is also a term of endearment comparable to sweetheart or honey. “Cielito”, the diminutive, can be translated as “sweetie”; “lindo” means cute, lovely or pretty. Sometimes the song is known by words from the refrain, “Canta y no llores” or simply the “Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay” song. (source)


De la Sierra Morena,
cielito lindo, vienen bajando,
Un par de ojitos negros,
cielito lindo, de contrabando.

Ay, ay, ay, ay,
Canta y no llores,
Porque cantando se alegran,
cielito lindo, los corazones.


From the Sierra Morena, Pretty darling,
they come down, a pair of black eyes,
Pretty little heaven, which are contraband.

Ay, ay, ay, ay,
sing and don’t cry,
because singing gladdens,
Pretty little heaven, the hearts.

An arrow in the air pretty sweetheart,
Cupid launched playing he shot it towards me,
Pretty little heaven,
and I’ve been wounded.

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1 thought on “Cielito lindo”

  1. I love teaching this, thank you for taking the time to write it out so I didn’t have to 🙂 Just a friendly fyi that the rhythm in the chorus is traditionally sung differently than what is printed here (especially chorus measures 9-10 and 14)

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