Che Che Koolay


Kye Kye Kule (pronounced “chay chay koolay”) is mostly likely originally from Ghana. There are many different spellings: “Kye Kye Kule”, “Che Che Kule”, “Shay Shay Kooley”, “Che Che Koolay”, “Che che Cole”, etc. (source)

Lyrics - Akan

Folk song from Ghana

Che che koolay (echo)
Che che kofee sa (echo)
Kofee salanga (echo)
Kaka shee langa (echo)
Koom ma-dye-day (echo)

Lyrics have no specific meaning. (source)

Version 2

Lyrics - Akan

Kye kye kule (echo)
Kye kye Kofi nsa (echo)
Kofi nsa langa (echo)
Kaka shi langa (echo)
Kum adende (echo)
Kum adende, Hey!

Lyrics have no specific meaning.


Chay chay koolay (echo)
Chay chay ko-feen-sah (echo)
Kobe sah-lahn-gah (echo)
Kah-kah hee lahn-gah (echo)
Koom ah-den-day (echo)
Koom ah-den-day, Hey!


Phrase 1 – Pat head 4 times
Phrase 2 – Tap shoulders 4 times while twisting torso from side to side
Phrase 3 – Put hands on hips, continue to twist torso
Phrase 4 – Tap knees
Phrases 5 & 6 – “kum” = tap ankles, “addenda” = tap waist, “hey” = hands up over head

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2 thoughts on “Che Che Koolay”

  1. This is a body identification song.
    Hands on your head
    Hands on your shoulders
    hands on your waist
    Hands on your knees
    Hands on your ankles

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