Blow Ye Winds


(Folk song)

1. ‘Tis advertised in Boston town,
New York and Buffalo,
Five hundred brave Americans,
A-whaling for to go, singing,

Blow ye winds of morning,
Blow ye winds, heigh-ho!
Haul away your running gear
And blow, ye winds, heigh-ho!

2. They send you to New Bedford fair,
That famous whaling port,
And give you to some strangers there
To board and fit you out, singing, (refrain)

3. They tell you of the clipper ships,
A-running in and out,
And say you’ll take five hundred whale
Before you’re six months out, singing, (refrain)

4. And now we’re out to sea, my boys,
The wind comes on to blow,
One half the watch is sick on deck,
The other half below, singing, (refrain)

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