(Folk song from the Democratic Republic of Congo)

First we go to hoe our garden, Ya ya ya ya,
Next we carry jugs of water, Ya ya ya ya,
Then we pound the yellow corn, Ya ya ya ya,
Then we stir our pots of mush, Ya ya ya ya,
Now we eat, come gather round the campfire, Ya ya ya ya,

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4 thoughts on “Before Dinner”

  1. Thanks Beth for sharing all of these great songs! Where did you find this one? I am trying to find more background information about this piece but haven’t had much luck. If you are able to share any information about its roots or where I could find that information, I would really appreciate it!


    1. Hi Tressa!

      I got this song in an old book of folk songs. It says “This song from the Lunda tribe of the Congo describes the duties of the women and girls in preparing a meal.”

      🙂 Beth

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