Beaver Dam Road


(American folk song)

1. I’ve worked like a dog and what have I got? No corn in the crib, no beans in the pot.
It’s hard times on the Bea-ver Dam Road, It’s hard times, poor boy.

2. Since I didn’t have no hog for to kill, I set me up a purty little still. Refrain

3. Yonder come Ray Wilson in a Chevrolet car, A-looking for the man with the old fruit jar. Refrain

4. He watched my house all the live-long night, He catched me just about daylight. Refrain

5. He said, “Old boy, you’re in to it now, If you ever get out it will cost you a cow.” Refrain

6. He took me by the arm, and he led me to the car, I bid farewell to the old fruit jar. Refrain

7. He took me to Boone and put me in jail, Had nobody for to go my bail. Refrain

8. I told that judge that my corn wasn’t hoed,
Still he gave me ninety days on the Beaver Dam Road. Refrain

9. Well, my wife sent a letter, said she’s faring mighty good
Got a man a-hoeing ‘taters and a-chopping all the wood Refrain

11. It’s a low down man riding ’round in a car, Picking on a man with the old fruit jar. Refrain

12. All my friends, l’m a-warning wherever you are, Don’t keep your liquor in an old fruit jar. Refrain

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