Backwater Blues


(American folk song)

1. When it rains five days and the sky turns dark as night, (repeat)
There’s trouble takin’ place in the lowlands at night.

2. I woke up this mornin’, can’t even get out my door. (repeat)
There’s enough trouble to make a poor girl wonder where she wants to go.

3. Backwater blues done caused me to pack my things an’ go, (repeat)
‘Cause my house fell down and I can’t live there no mo’.

4. They rowed a little boat about five miles ‘cross the pond, (repeat)
I packed all my things throwed ’em in, and they rowed me along.

5. When it thunders and lightnin’s and the wind begins to blow, (repeat)
There’s thousands of people ain’t got no place to go.

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