Alligator Chant

Version 1 - Chant


(Traditional chant)

Alligator high, alligator low,
Alligator fast and then he’s slow.
Alligator up, alligator down,
Alligator on the farm and also in the town.


Do motions to go with the lyrics.

Recorder Notes D, E, G, A, B, D'

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2 thoughts on “Alligator Chant”

  1. Great song!
    With my friends (not children), we play it this way:
    We sing ‘high’ with a high-pitched note, ‘low’ with a low one.
    On ‘high’, ‘low’, ‘up’ and ‘down’ the drummers plays sixteenth notes.
    ‘alligator up’ is sung moving up the scale, ‘alligator down’ likewise.
    The last verse we changed to ”SOMEtimes he’s ON the farm, SOMEtimes he’s GONE off to TOWN’, with the sixteenth notes grouped by three, ending on the fourth beat.

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