A la rueda de San Miguel

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

A la rueda, la rueda de San Miguel, San Miguel,
Todos traen su caja de miel.
A lo maduro, a lo maduro,
Que se voltea María de burro.

English Translation - To the circle

To the circle, the circle of San Miguel, San Miguel.
Everyone brings their box [container] of honey.
As it’s ripe, as it’s ripe, have Maria [substitute child’s name] turn around like a donkey.


All students walk in a circle while holding hands. When a student’s name is called, that child turns around in place and faces the outside of the circle. Play continues until all students are facing the outside of the circle.

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4 thoughts on “A la rueda de San Miguel”

  1. I know this tune to a different set of words in Spanish:

    A la vibora vibora
    de la mar, de la mar
    por aqui peuden passar
    los de adelante corren mucho
    los de atras se quedaran
    tras tras tras

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