Old Joe Clark


(Folk song)

1. Old Joe Clark, he built a house,
Took him ’bout a week;
He built the floors above his head,
The ceil-ings under his feet.

Rock-a-rock, Old Joe Clark,
Rock-a-rock, I’m gone;
Rock-a-rock, Old Joe Clark,
Good-by Lucy Long.

2. Old Joe Clark, he had a dog,
Like none you’ve ever seen,
With floppy ears and a curly tail
And six feet in between. Refrain

3. I went down to Old Joe’s house,
Never been there before.
He slept on the feather bed,
And I slept on the floor. Refrain

4. Joe Clark had a violin.
He fiddled all the day.
Anybody start to dance,
And Joe would start to play. Refrain

Other Lyrics

Fly around, Old Joe Clark,
Fly around, I’m gone;
Fly around, Old Joe Clark,
With the golden slippers on.

Roll, roll, Old Joe Clark,
Roll, roll, I say;
Roll, roll, Old Joe Clark,
You’d better be getting’ away.

Old Joe Clark he had a dog
As blind as he could be;
Chased a bedbug ’round a stump
And a coon up a hollow tree.

When I was a little boy
I used to play in ashes
Now I am a great big boy
Wearing Dad’s mustaches.


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