Button you must wander, wander, wander,
Button you must wander far away.
Bright eyes will find you. Sharp eyes will find you.
Button you must wander far away.

For first graders, I use this for rhythm to help find the quarter rests.


The children sit in a circle on the floor with one student in the middle. Before we start to sing, the student in the middle closes his/her eyes while I give the button to one student in the circle. I tell the other students to be “sneaky” and pretend to hold the button in their hands. When the singing starts, the student in the middle opens his/her eyes while students in the circle pretend to pass the button. When we have finished the song, the class chants: Button, button, who’s got the button?

The person in the middle gets 3 chances to guess who ended up with the button.

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