5th Grade Rhythm Lessons

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

  • Opening Song
  • Echo rhythm patterns: Teacher do 4/4 rhythm, they echo. Vary body percussion.
  • Hoop Rhythms– add body percussion (snap, clap, pat, stamp)
    • Play shuffle blues beat on keyboard
    • Students take turns by standing in one hoop at a time while students do the appropriate body percussion: 8 beats in each hoop. I say, “switch” at about beat 6 to help the “conductor” know when to go to a different hoop.
  • Introduce Fooba Wooba John   (more silly songs)
    • To help review basic rhythms, show the colorful handout with the measures (of the song). Students identify the order the measures go.
    • Use rhythm cards to review the names of the notes and rests.
    • Divide class into 4 groups, each group perform one measure with different body percussion.

More lessons available below.

  • 5th grade rhythm lessons (#1-16)

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