Hop Old Squirrel


1. Hop old squirrel, eidledum, eidledum…

2. Jump old squirrel…

3. Run old squirrel…

4. Hide old squirrel…


One student is the “squirrel” who acts out the lyrics we sing. On last word, student freezes behind someone, that person becomes the next “squirrel”.

On “hide,” students sitting in the circle close eyes while “squirrel” hides behind one of the risers. At the end of the song, students in circle ask, “Where are you, Old Squirrel?” The hiding squirrel makes a squeak, students in circle point to where they think the sound came from. Squirrel stands up and shows if they are correct.

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  • Song with chords, Lesson ideas (PDF)
  • MIDI file
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2 thoughts on “Hop Old Squirrel”

  1. This looks so fun! In the game, do you have students hop/jump/run for the whole verse, or only on the action word “hop”, “jump”, etc.?

    1. Yes, the kids love it! For the first verse, the child who is “it” hops around the circle the whole verse – not on the beat or anything. For preschool & Kindergarten kids, I let them jump (with 2 feet), but with 1st graders, I have them hop with one foot the whole verse. 🙂

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