The last day before winter break is a whole-school assembly where each grade level sings a song – and everyone else can sing along. The 4th and 5th grade Chorus stands up front, sings 2 songs and then helps to lead the singing. After each grade sings a song, we finish by singing several songs together. Here are our songs.

Songs by Grade Level

All sing together

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6 thoughts on “Winter Sing Along”

  1. Beth,

    I am a first year music teacher who went through an alternative certification program. As you can imagine, I am in the deep end of the pool. With no school support and the only music teacher at my school, you can imagine how big that pool looks. Your blog has given me hope that this year will not be a detriment to my students. Thank you so very much for sharing! It means the world.


  2. Beth- do you use accompaniment tracks to back up your students? Or do you play the piano? Or have them sing a capella? Just considering different resources. 🙂

  3. Beth~
    I am a student that has to put together a unit plan for a grade for one of my classes and it has been a life saver being able to search songs in a categories that would work for a 3/4 song or mi sol songs. You saved me a lot of time trying to search all of the different songs! thank you so much for doing this! I will be referring back to your web site especially when I am student teaching! SOOOOOO helpful!

    1. Since this is a “sing along,” it is very low-key. We use the gym, and the students sit on the floor facing one end of the gym where the risers are – and that’s where the 4th & 5th grade Chorus members sit/stand. When each grade level sings, the students just stand up and sing in place. So there is very little time between songs, since the next group just stands to sing. At the very end when ALL students sing together, the Chorus leads them in singing the final several songs.

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