March: Music in our Schools Month

It’s fun to┬ácelebrate Music in Our Schools Month in the month of March each year.


  • Put up signs.
  • Decorate the school hallways with music notes and have a contest to guess how many.┬áPut a shoebox outside the music classroom where students can submit their guesses, and at the end of the month, give out small prizes to the winners.
  • Students make lists or draw pictures of how music affects their lives.
  • Do a composer study.
  • Have students compose their own pieces.
  • Students make their own instruments.
  • Perform an all-school sing-along.
  • Play music before and after school and/or during lunch times.
  • Invite the local middle school or high school to perform for your school.
  • Post music trivia.
  • Do a world music study. Choose a country or region to focus on.
  • Study a musical or classical piece.
  • Invite parents to come observe a music class.
  • Ask teachers who play an instrument or sing to share photos or videos of them playing/singing.
  • Take photos of individual students standing next to the letters M and U and between the letters S and C.

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