Invented (Homemade) Instruments

Lesson ideas

Lessons preceding this Unit: Orchestra Review & Ethnomusicology

Lesson 1 – Explain the Invented Instrument assignment and show pictures.

Lesson 2-3 – Students browse books or the internet for ideas, fill out the Instrument Plan Form, and bring in materials to build if they want to (most would rather work at home).

Lessons 4-5 – Explain sound piece, students work in class.

Handouts / Worksheets

(See downloads at bottom of page.)


(See downloads at bottom of page. Each number has a corresponding button.)

Sound Piece – PowerPoint

33 slides

Invented Instruments – PowerPoint

74 slides

Links to Making Your Own Instruments

There are so many more links and even YouTube videos.


(Click images to link to purchase.)

or purchase here (printables only)

  • Invented Instruments & Sound Piece Assignment and Instrument Plan Worksheet (PDF)
  • Invented Instruments PowerPoint
  • Sound Piece PowerPoint
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3 thoughts on “Invented (Homemade) Instruments”

  1. This is amazing! I do units all year with my 6th graders and have been looking for a new idea. I can’t wait to do this.

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