Grandma Grunts


(Folk song)

1. Grandma Grunts said a curious thing,
Boys can whistle, but girls must sing.
This is what I heard her say,
‘Twas no longer than yesterday.

Boys can whistle (whistle)
Girls must sing, tra la la la la.

2. Boys can whistle, of course they may,
They can whistle the livelong day.
Why can’t girls whistle too, pray tell,
If they manage to do it well? Refrain

3. Grandma Grunts says it wouldn’t do,
Gives a very good reason too.
Whistling girls and crowing hens
Always come to some bad end. Refrain

4. I asked my papa the reason why
Girls couldn’t whistle as well as I.
He says to me, “It’s the natural thing
For boys to whistle and girls to sing.” Refrain

Lyric suggestions:

  • Change “Boys” and “Girls” to “Some.” For instance, “Some may whistle and some may sing.”
  • Change “Boys” and “Girls” to “We.” For instance, “We can whistle and we can sing.”

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