Cublak-Cublak Suweng


The deeper meaning of this song is about finding the treasures around you that bring you joy and wisdom instead of following false treasures such as greed and corruption. (source)

Lyrics - Javanese

(Folk song from Indonesia)

Cublak-cublak suweng
Suwenge teng gelenter
Mambu ketundhung gudhel
Pak empo lera lere
Sopo guyu ndhelikake
Sir-sir pong dele kopong,
Sir-sir pong dele kopong.

English Translation - Talk about it

Talk about it
It’s been a long time
The smell is overpowering
Sir, I’m sick
Sopo laughs and hides it
Sir-sir pong dele kopong,
Sir-sir pong dele kopong
(source: Google translate) / Another translation

Circle Singing Game

Formation: Students sit in a circle. One student, who is “It” lies face down in the center of the circle with eyes covered.

Students pass a small object, such as a marble, coin, or a pebble around the circle. At the end of the song, all students put their hands behind their backs. “It” must decide who is holding the object.

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