Lyrics - Malay

(Folk song from Malaysia)

Ikan kekek mak iloi-iloi
Ikan gelama mak ilai-ilai
Nanti adik mak iloi-iloi
Pulang sama mak ilai-ilai

Ada satu si-ikan parang
Badannya panjang berbelang belang
Isinya sikit banyak tulang
Sedap dimakan kalau masak pindang Refrain

Tenang-tenang air dilaut
Sampang golek mudik ke tanjong
Hati terkenang mulut menyebut
Budi yang baik rasa dijunjung Refrain

English Translation - Ponyfish

A Ponyfish, mak iloi-iloi*
A Croaker fish, mak ilai-ilai*
Later dear brother, mak iloi-iloi
Let’s go home together, mak ilai-ilai.

There is another fish, a wolf-herring
Its body is long and striped
Its flesh is little and it contains a lot of bones
It’s good to eat when it’s boiled and cured Refrain

Calm water in the sea
Going back and forth to tanjong
The heart remembers the mouth mentions
Good manners feel upheld Refrain

*mak iloi-iloi / mak ilai-ilai = syllables with no meaning

(source) (source: Google trasnslate)

Recorder Notes D, G, A, B, D'

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