Sar Hamemunah


Rabbi Shalom Shabazi (b. 1619) is known as the “Poet of Yemen.” (source) The transliteration is also sometimes spelled “Sar hamemuneh.” This song is about friendship between the Muslim and Jewish people who lived in Yemen. (source)

Lyrics - Transliteration

(Folk tune from Yemen, Lyrics by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, 1619-1720)

Sar hamemunah (repeat)
ginat egoz kum p’tach na (repeat)
likrat yedidi umaharah (repeat)

Chaver vetana (repeat)
shoneh halachah umishnah (repeat)
sodo lelibi e’orerah (repeat)

Beratzon ve’ahavah (repeat)
holchim lamidrash bechibah (repeat)
eimam sh’chinah merachefah (repeat)

English Translation - Appointed prince

Appointed prince (repeat)
nut grove, rise and open up please (repeat)
to meet my friend and hurry (repeat)

Friend and betrothed one (repeat)
of different custom and doctrine, (repeat)
with his secret shall I wake up my heart (repeat)

With desire and love, (repeat)
they walk to the study (Midrash) with affection, (repeat)
divine presence hovers with them (repeat)

Hebrew - שר הממונה

שר הממונה
גינת אגוז קום פתח נא
לקראת ידידי ומהרה

חבר ותנא
שונה הלכה ומשנה
סודו לליבי אעוררה

ברצון ואהבה
הולכים למדרש בחיבה
עימם שכינה מרחפה

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