Air Pasang Pagi

Lyrics - Malay

(Folk song from Malaysia)

Air pasang pagi,
Surut pukul lima,
Bangun pagi-pagi,
Siram pokok bunga.

Pokok bunga melur,
Tanam tepi batas,
Itik dah bertelur,
Ayam dah menetas.

Cik Baba jatuh dalam parit
Cik Aminah ketawa jerit-jerit

Naik kereta api pergi Kuala Lumpur
Dapat isteri cantik terperuk bawah dapur.

English Translation - Morning Tide

The tide ebbs
at 5 in the evening
A lady wakes up
and waters her garden

Jasmine trees
planted by the pond
Ducks lay eggs,
chickens hatch them (source)

Miss Baba fell in the ditch
Miss Aminah laughed out loud

Take the train to Kuala Lumpur
Got a beautiful wife cuddled under the kitchen.
(source: Google translate)

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