Semira Semira

Lyrics - Transliteration

(folk song from Eritrea)

Semira Semira gual’smara
Gezana atsiato nabey keida
Tebelku tebelku seneya
Ab ghem ghem ab bahri rekhibeya

Chaw chaw chaw hadigheki (repeat)
Beal adl iyu zwesdeki (repeat)

Hlefa hlefa beti’da berbere (repeat)
Kerkbekn iye bshkleta ghere (repeat)

Leka leka hizki fesahsah tebelki (repeat)
Kgheze’ye ane waza keymesleki (repeat)

Newih tsegura tewerwari (repeat)
Makina ghezie mezaweri (repeat)

English Translation - Semira Semira (girl's name)

Semira Semira from Asmara
She went away from our villa
I searched for her in all vicinity
Finally I found her near the sea

Bye bye bye I’m leaving you (repeat)
He who has luck will come to you (repeat)

Go and pass by the grinder (repeat) 
I have my bike to take over (repeat)

Do not swagger with a lolly (repeat) 
I too can buy , it’s so easy (repeat)

Keep tossing your long hair (repeat) 
My new car will expose it to air (repeat)

Tigrigna - ሰሚራ ሰሚራ

ሰሚራ ሰሚራ ጓለ’ስመራ ገዛና
ዓጽያቶ ናበይ ዘይራ?
ተበልኩ ተበልኩ ስኢነያ ኣብ
ገምገም ባሕሪ ረኺበያ

ቻው ቻው ቻው ሓዲገኪ (repeat)
በዓል ዕድል ኢዩ ዝወስደኪ (repeat)

ሕለፋ ሕለፋ በቲ’ዳ በርበረ (repeat)
ከርክበክን ኢየ ብሽክለታ ጌረ (repeat)

ሌካ ሌካ ሒዝኪ ፈሳሕሳሕ ‘ተበልኪ (repeat)
ክገዝእ’የ ኣነ ዋዛ ከይመስለኪ (repeat)

ነዊሕ ጸጉራ ተወርዋሪ (repeat)
ማኪና ገዚአ መዛወሪ (repeat)

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